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Onyx Marble is a 100% natural product which in our case is mined in quarries overground in different Mexican federal states. Strict public procurement procedures ensure that legal standards are respected. Depending on geographical origin the stone varies in its composition, colour and untamed beauty. Our stones are processed by a small and renown stonemasonry firm with most work still being performed by experienced hands to ensure highest quality. We regularly visit the workshop to select the most precious stones and pieces for you. Due to its natural composition, our Onyx Marble is not exposed to excessive artificial treatment or refining processes. Our stonemasons follow-up on long family traditions of high-class craftsmanship and are very proud of their work.

It is the infinite variety of translucent colors and pattern that nature aesthetically merges in Onyx Marble. For centuries natural Onyx Marble from Mexico has been fascinating Aztec princes, Spanish noblemen, brilliant merchants and wealthy entrepreneurs. Until today the stone’s stunningly diverse and simultaneously soft surface continues to illuminate and warm up our cozy private homes, working spaces and guest areas. With efficient and diverse electrical lightening we are able to amplify the fire and magic of the expressive translucent structures within the stone. 

Geologically speaking Onyx Marble was forged through the slow process of leaching and subsequent sedimentation of minerals taking thousands of years. In contrast to classic marble, Onyx Marble is much rarer, more precious and complex in its structures and appearance.

Firstly, depending on its geographical origin each Onyx Marble is distinct and unique in its composition and color. Moreover, all of our Onyx Marble products are hand-crafted by skilled and proud Mexican craftsmen who transfer their joy and love for material and profession into the final piece. Finally, Onyx Marble is not only said to have relaxing powers, but it combines Mexican joy of life with timeless style.

Onyx Marble is a 100% natural product and therefore each product is unique in its color, tone, style and appearance. However, there are are basic colors and combinations from which the customer chooses. In most cases Onyx Marble comes with a basic color streaked with playful veins of a different color. Similarly, the veins also vary in their colors, tones and compositions. As we are dealing with a natural product the abundance and availability varies with each color and its combinations, contributing to Onyx Marble’s precious value.

Below you find an overview of potential combinations between basic colors and veins. Nevertheless, keep in mind that every piece is different and peculiar; what we love so much about this material.

Onyx Marble is a highly versatile and stylish material. Beyond all forms of lamps, illuminated wall cladding is a very popular and exclusive form of presentation. Commonly, electrically illuminated, large tiles of Onyx Marble also comprise impressive and breathtaking bars in public and private guest areas. Furthermore, Onyx Marble is applied to harmonically fit out entire bathrooms and serves as a material for various kinds of exquisite furniture.

Generally, Onyx Marble is a relatively water, pressure and heat resistant material which still remains flexible. However, as every natural, soft and precious stone Onyx Marble has to be treated with care. To maintain the Onyx’s original and natural beauty and due to ecological responsibility we dispense with chemical treatment or sealing. Due its pleasant softness the stone is absorbent and should be treated without aggressive detergents. If this amazing natural material is treated with diligence, it provides a an outstanding atmosphere and design for a long time.

We exclusively provide Onyx Marble products crafted with love and experience by proud Mexican craftsmen. In contrast to an industrial mass-product, each piece is unique, has its own charm and most importantly takes time to be finished. The answers above provide a general overview of the rich amount of different ways to process Onyx Marble. Since individuality, quality and a careful selection of raw materials are our highest principles for customer satisfaction, each project outside of our online store has to be evaluated and processed personally. We are eager to find beautiful solutions for your unique dream project, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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