Finish with Good Ambience, Prepare for a New Philosophy of Living – this mission statement drives us: María-José, Josef and Anika. We are an ambitious Austro-Mexican team of young entrepreneurs based in the beautiful and international city of Graz. Our mission is the illumination of dusty and old-fashioned interior design in Europe, through stunningly translucent, soft and enchanting Mexican Onyx Marble. It is the magnificent Mexican magic of rest and awakening that Onyx Marble disperses across your home. The stone’s natural beauty and wildness are tamed and processed by traditional, high-quality Mexican craftsmanship. Fire and Magic will spread through enchanting Onyx Lamps, catchy Onyx Bars and shining Onyx Wall Claddings –  there are no limits!

A Wonderful Story from Mexico to Austria

We Believe in the Powers and Magics that Make Us